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WRH Realty Services

General Information


Job title: Maintenance Supervisor
Job location: Jacksonville, FL 32277 United States
Requisition code:
Date posted: 09/17/11
Job type: Full-Time
Compensation: Competitive wages pr hour and full benefit package available

Job Classification

Job Category:Maintenance - Supervisor

Job Description

Job description:
The SERVICE MANAGER is responsible for maintaining the physical integrity of the community at all times.

• Performs maintenance tasks personally or delegates to maintenance staff. Oversees and occasionally inspects work performed by the maintenance team. Documents inventory used for maintenance tasks.
• Institutes and manages a system for prioritizing/handling resident service requests and preventative maintenance. Corrects any maintenance situations within 24 hours when possible.
• Schedules maintenance staff to be available for emergency purposes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
• Conducts monthly scheduled safety meetings with the entire property staff (including leasing office);
• Keeps MSDS sheets current and readily accessible. Maintains thorough knowledge of pertinent laws, EPA and OSHA regulations governing property storage and management of hazardous materials, including solvents, flammables, caustics and refrigerants.
• Maintains constant awareness of the condition of physical property throughout the community and immediately corrects unsafe conditions; e.g., broken gates leading to the pool, broken steps, open holes, broken/burned out exterior lights, etc.
• Schedules and performs minor and routine maintenance on all appropriate equipment on a regular basis. Inspects and maintains all tools in safe condition.
• Provides new maintenance employee orientation training.
• Provides employee training as needed of all subordinate maintenance staff. Instills a "safety first" attitude not only with maintenance technicians but with all staff.
• Instructs staff on proper use and guidelines for using personal protective equipment (PPE).
• Performs daily safety inspections of the property and the maintenance shop.
• Performs scheduled maintenance of all equipment based on the manufacturer’s recommendation and operating manuals.

• Diagnoses and performs minor or routine maintenance or repair involving the following on a daily basis.
o Electrical and plumbing (including water lines).
o A/C and heating systems.
o Appliances (when applicable).
o Water irrigation systems.
o Stairs, gates, fences, patios, railings.
o Tile, carpet, flooring.
o Roofing, gutters, fasteners.
o Interior/exterior lights.
o Fireplaces, ceiling fans.
o Gas fixtures and appliances (where applicable).
o Shutters, doors, cabinets, windows, sliding glass doors.
o Boiler, gas and electric.
o Door locks, P.O. boxes and locks.
o Security systems (where applicable).

• Diagnoses and performs minor or routine maintenance or repair involving the following on a daily basis

o Water intrusion and mold remediation.
o Walls.
o Pool areas, tile, hot tub/spa, pool furniture.
• Schedules make ready assignments with staff and vendors.
• Ensures that all make-ready repairs and services are completed correctly and on schedule.
• Monitors and schedules all maintenance activities.
• Reports all major repairs and requisitions to the Property Manager prior to any expenditure of funds.
• Changes apartment locks and makes replacement keys.
• Removes and transfers heavy appliances and equipment from storage area to apartment (or vice versa) as circumstances warrant. Assists in moving abandoned furniture, appliances, etc., to dumpster when necessary.
• Maintains adequate inventory of spare parts and maintenance materials in the maintenance shop to handle most common repairs and situations.
• Identifies all utility meter cut-offs, apartment and fixture cut-offs, sewer cleanouts and prepares maps indicating same.

Job Requirements

Education, training, experience:
• Must attain a minimum of 75% or greater on the Service Manager Qualification Test.
• Position requires at least 3 years experience in property maintenance or equivalent field. Property Maintenance Craftsman (PMC) license [Duval County, Florida only], EPA certification, and Certified Pool Operator (CPO) license are required. High School diploma or equivalent experience is required. Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician (CAMT) certification is preferred.
• Working knowledge of electrical systems, appliances, plumbing, carpentry, plastering, pool systems, drywall repair, painting, and HVAC.
• Ability to operate small hand tools and power tools.
• Ability to use voltmeters, am probes, hand saws, skill saws, Freon recovery machine, Freon gauges, drill motors, saber saws, pressure washer, golf carts, key machine, and pool filtering equipment.
PMC License preferred but not required, EPA certification, High School Diploma, Current drivers license, transportation and own tools.
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